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Located in Ștefăneștii de Jos, the villas in HANN Harmony are the perfect choice for those wanting to have the best of two worlds: escaping the stress of the city without giving up any of its advantages. The residents of the project, especially the ones having children, will thoroughly enjoy the quiet and safety of living in a modern, fully equipped house in the suburbs of the capital city.

Whether Romanians or expats working for a reputed corporation, they will, without a doubt, appreciate the close proximity to the airport, but also to the numerous office buildings in the business hub formed around Pipera-Tunari (and, from there, the easy access to other points of interest in the city, including the centre). The ones who will acquire a property in HANN Harmony, either for personal use or as an investment, for future rental, will at the same time benefit from the shopping opportunities in the area, among which Băneasa Mall, a destination easily accessible by car.

0123456789001234567890Minutes to the “Henri Coandă” International AirportIf you are used to traveling quite often, either for business or pleasure, you are without a doubt accustomed to those bothersome early morning flights. Living in HANN Harmony, you will be able to get to the airport in less than half an hour by car – so forget about the nuisance of leaving home three hours before the scheduled departure time!
0123456789001234567890Minutes to Băneasa Shopping CityAlthough dreaming of a peaceful life in the suburbs, you have no intention of giving up the perks of living in the largest city of the country – nor do you need to. In the vicinity of the residential complex you will find a number of interest points, such as highly reputed schools, numerous office buldings, but also one of the largest shopping malls in the capital: Băneasa Shopping City.
0123456789001234567890Minutes to the A3 București-Ploiești HighwayAs it is to be expected, the capital city is well connected to the rest of the country as well. Another important node in the national transportation network is the A3 București-Ploiești Highway, which is as easily accessible as the “Henri Coandă” International Airport. So no matter where your plans take you, from HANN Harmony you will always find a (more than) satisfactory route.
0123456789001234567890Minutes to Piata UniriiAlthough living in Ştefăneştii de Jos, from HANN Harmony you will be able to rapidly get to the centre of the city, namely to Piața Unirii, in approximately 30 minutes by car. Rest assured, you will not have to renounce any of the privileges afforded by living in the heart of the city – in terms of fun, but also everyday activities.
0123456789001234567890Minutes to Herastrau ParkWe all know how important it is to spend as much time as possible outdoors, surrounded by nature. That is why we want to remind our future residents of the close proximity of Herăstrău Park – which is not only the largest (and most appreciated) park in Bucharest, but also the largest in-city park in Romania and even Europe.

Nearby Places

Amusement park
Book store
Shopping mall
Beauty salon
Car wash
Furniture store
Hair care
Electronics store
Post office
Pet store
Travel agency
Veterinary care
Subway station
Real estate agency
Taxi stand
Car repair
Adress: Europa Street, Ștefăneștii de Jos, Ilfov

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Modern and spacious villas, with private gardens and multiple amenities. A family house that is a pleasure to live in!

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