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In its almost 40 years of activity, Büyükhanlı Construction, the mother-company of HANN Development, has undoubtedly acquired a great deal of expertise in the real estate business, by working on projects in excess of 450,000 sqm, especially in the residential sector.

At present, its portfolio includes ample housing projects in Istanbul, as well as hotel and public projects in Antalya. Since the very beginning, the goal and philosophy of Büyükhanlı Construction has been centered on developing homes that are a pleasure to live in.

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The founders of HANN Development have been an active part of the family business so far – and have also managed to put that experience to work on their own.


The quality of the materials we use, as well as keeping up with the rapid technological developments in the construction field have been our guiding lines through the years.


The vast majority of our mother-company’s portfolio is comprised of residential units, as these are the most sought-after in developing markets, especially in times of flourishing economy.


Although most of our projects are located in Turkey, Romania has already been a target for our expansion, given its solid growth potential in terms of housing.

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Since 1983Büyükhanlı Construction

The company was founded in 1983 by Bahri Büyükhanlı, who was its president until 2017.

Thus far, Büyükhanlı has a portfolio of properties amounting to a total area of more than 450,000 sqm – which includes the ongoing overseas projects.

In response to the specifics of each local market, the reputed developer has always been open to building both apartments and / or villas, while always following its self-imposed quality standard.

Project Details

ProjectHANN Harmony
Types of VillasA, B, C, D
START DATEBeginning of 2023
DeveloperHANN Development
Country/ZoneRomânia/Ştefăneştii de Jos
Construction Area100.000 m2
complex case bucuresti
vila cosmopolis, Case Hann

Trustworthy partnersEngineering & Construction

Tres Mimarlık

The projects realized by Tres Architects, founded by Architect Nüzhet Albayrak in 1998, were shaped as a result of a completely research-based process, and architectural solutions were handled without ignoring the construction economy with the formal and functional understanding brought by new building technologies and new life styles.

The priorities of Tres Architects are to produce environmentally friendly, formal, functional and economically efficient designs. It aims to make the structure or design object timeless in form and expression. In the decision-making process, it questions whether the design meets the needs of the user and whether it is good enough. Such approaches also keep designs from being overly daring.

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VISIO Construct

A so-called Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (EPC), VISIO has a solid background in the construction field. Its approximately 180 employees, including structural engineers, architects and technical experts, have proved to manage successfully every stage of developing a real estate project, starting with its design and ending with its delivery on behalf of the client.

For the time being, the group of companies operates on two European markets, Romania being the main one, and the Netherlands, the other. On the local market, VISIO has a number of finalised real estate projects, as well as a few ongoing ones. The company deals with building large residential projects, offices (Hyperion Towers), but also industrial sites (the Arctic Factory), hotels (Garden Inn by Hilton) and other types of buildings.

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casa vanzare cosmopolis, vile hann

HANN Harmony

Modern Villas

3-4-5 rooms

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    Types of Villas

    HANN Harmony

    casa vanzare cosmopolis, vile hann

    Modern Villas

    3-4-5 rooms

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      Types of Villas

      Adress: Europa Street, Ștefăneștii de Jos, Ilfov

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